Thursday, September 01, 2005

A dose of reality for Cinderella

So many people have worked so hard the last couple of months to fix problems at our school that have been there for probably many years. So much progress has been made, the air is so much cleaner, and our environment is worlds better than it was. It has felt very good to see those changes happen and be a small part of it.

Today our staff was off-site at another school for a workshop. Dunlap is a new (maybe 5 years old?) school. The school is stunningly beautiful. I have to admit that the inequity and injustice I felt, walking down gorgeous hallways looking into decked out classrooms - shocked me. All those bad sayings about envy....

Our staff and parents must act now to advocate for the future of our school. Arbor Heights is one of the most classically Cinderella schools in Seattle - a dump on the outside, but an inside with a heart, mind, and soul of gold. It's our turn to try on the glass slipper...


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