Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Progress, heartbreak, and foundations

Today I stopped by school again to see what's going on. Nothing much else to do, because I can't get in to my classroom, because room cleaning has been moved back to accomodate the air improvements. It is so frustrating not to be able to get things rolling in my own room. So I spent some time getting the computer lab set up - although all the student accounts are still not working properly - aaargh.

I ran into a teacher who was very upset that the planted garden area outside her classroom had been ripped out. It was left in a pile of rubble on the playground. Apparently she arrived too late this morning to save her trees, plants, and garden stuff; birdfeeders, birdhouses, etc. Those who see our school starting on time will have no idea of the stories like this that have happened in the wake of cleaning the air...

I sent an email to all staff suggesting our meetings scheduled next week be canceled - to allow teachers enough time to get their rooms ready. Teachers in the front half of the building have already been in their rooms for days getting ready. Those of us in the back hallway are still not allowed in. There's no way I can be ready for class if I have to attend all those meetings next week. Hopefully, people will understand and be flexible.

On my way out, I stopped to see how the excavation work (to waterproof the walls and install drainage lines) around rooms 15-18 was progressing. What I saw was not encouraging - part of the foundation has collapsed under a corner of a room. I'm not sure if the footing had given way, or if it is the block wall, but it did not look encouraging. The workers were setting out concrete bases for the chain link fence that will encircle the classrooms while the work is being done.


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