Wednesday, August 10, 2005

August 8 update

August 8: from Mark Ahlness, teacher at Arbor Heights and member of the Task Force: This is an unofficial update from the Task Force, which met on August 3rd. I thought I'd put some information here for those who'd like to know what's happening - on a more immediate basis. Sometimes the big machine moves EVER so slowly....

Anyway, we met with Dr. Anderson (mold toxicologist) for the first time last week, and the meeting was productive. On everyone's mind was the question of whether things would be cleaned up in time for the start of school. There was some discussion of portables, whether they would be needed, the idea of moving teachers around to empty classrooms - to leave the the worst rooms empty (a last choice, in my opinion), etc.

The plan is to install two large roof mounted fans to draw up air from under the worst classrooms, to inspect and repair/replace the roof drains above each classroom, and to modify the new univent heater installation (being done now) to bring in clean air from outside. Dr. Anderson thought all classrooms would then be safe to use. This does not address the standing water under two rooms, which may be caused by inadequate drainage, a high level of ground water - or whatever. But there is a plan in place to fix that, and that construction could take place while school was in session.

If the fans are working properly and the downspouts are finished by the third or fourth week of August, school could open on time, with all classrooms operating safely in their current locations. All agreed that this plan is indeed possible and were hopeful for its success. If it takes longer that this, it is likely portables will be ordered and set up.

Again, this is not an official update, just something for those who are anxiously waiting for some word about progress. Feel free to email me at - Mark


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